'Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to keep moving'. 
Albert Einstein 

What people say about me 

Energy, optimism and moving forward
'Since I first went to coaching with Ali there has been a new word in my family vocabulary - 'Alified'. This describes the energised, positive and optimistic state in which I return from coaching sessions. My partner coined this as having been 'Alified!' Coaching with Ali has provided me with an opportunity to look at my life/work imbalance and to make some positive changes. Ali has helped me to focus and re-focus and drawn the best out of me when I felt overwhelmed by work-life clutter and stress. In times of stress, overload and considerable self-doubt Ali helped me to find my optimism and self-belief and move forwards from it in a different way.'

Belinda. Brighton

Finding focus
'With Ali's help I can now focus on what I need to do. She has gently guided and coached me and now I have the tools to continue the work I have started with her.
She has made me realise that setting goals is a really important aspect of coaching and putting a date on those goals was crucial for me. I'm two weeks away from my first goal and have set another already - it really helps to keep me focussed.'

Maggie. Brighton

Setting goals and dreaming dreams
'Coaching is amazing because Ali didn't tell me what to do but her skill in asking questions and drawing out my thoughts has enabled me to look at my values and challenge my responses, become more positive, set goals, realise my options, take actions, gain confidence and dream dreams.'

Linda. Hove

Flights of fancy and long-term plans
'Ali has been great at asking the right questions......She's enabled me to explore a few flights of fancy without losing sight of core issues, keeping it real and positive, resulting in some short-term changes and long-term plans. She has a gentle and firm manner and has been a welcome 'critical friend'.

Duncan. Brighton