How and where does coaching take place?
Coaching can take place either face to face or over the phone. I coach both from home and from clinics in Brighton and Lewes.

How many coaching sessions do I need to have?

The standard coaching model is based on six sessions. Some people choose to continue beyond six sessions, others find that six sessions is all they need. I ask my clients to commit to six sessions initially. Each session lasts for an hour.

How often does coaching take place?

Clients have sessions every other week so roughly two sessions a month. This allows you time to take the actions needed and discussed at the session and for other ideas to come to mind.

Is coaching therapy or counselling?

No. Coaching is future focussed whereas therapy and counselling tend to look at the past dealing with emotional issues and crises. Coaching is about working on your present and your future. 

How much does it cost?

I tailor my prices to your individual situation. I offer several low-cost coaching places each month. Please look at the 'Low-cost coaching' page or contact me by phone or email to discuss this. My contact details are on the contact page of the website.

How do I get started?

Contact me by phone for a chat about coaching. This is a free consultation to see if coaching is right for you, to see if we can work together and, if so, how best to continue. My contact details are on the contact page.